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Free Online Resource Guide: What is Advocacy? (CB-19A8)


Originally held February 28, 9am-11am, the 'What is Advocacy? Learning Session and Panel' hosted over 50 nonprofit professionals for a lively and informative learning session.

The original event registration page has now been converted to an open and free curated advocacy resource to our nonprofit community. We hope you will find it helpful and wish you well on your advocacy journey!

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Original Event Description:

Advocacy and philanthropy are at the heart of democracy and systemic change.

We believe that funders, philanthropists, nonprofits and government agencies do their best work when they do it together. The Community Foundation is proud to offer a year of convening and learning about advocacy to further support the great work already being done in RVA.

What is Advocacy? Learning Session and Panel

What is nonprofit advocacy? Whether you know the answer, think you know, or have no idea – this free panel session is for you! From educating the public to lobbying on Capitol Hill, advocacy plays a vital role in the nonprofit sector.

Come learn more about this topic and related legal, social, and practical guidelines and impact as we "kick off" our advocacy learning for the year.

• Jon Lugbill, Executive Director, Sports Backers
• Ross Catrow, Executive Director, RVA Rapid Transit
• Emily Griffey, Policy Director, Voices for Virginia’s Children
• Justin Doyle, Community Conservation Manager, James River Association

Facilitator: Claire Gastanaga, Executive Director, ACLU Virginia

Location: Online

  • Advocacy Panel Bios.pdf
  • What is Advocacy - PowerPoint.pptx
  • Useful Websites with more Tools
  • Making the Case: Why Advocacy by Nonprofits is so Important
  • 01 - Creating High-Impact Nonprofits.pdf
  • 02 - 6 Simple Ways to Ease Into Advocacy as a Nonprofit _ Wild Apricot Blog.pdf
  • 03 - Advocacy Framework.pdf
  • 04 - Amplify-Your-Voice.pdf
  • 05 - Communicating-with-Your-Members.pdf
  • 06 - Commenting_on_Candidates_and_Campaigns.pdf
  • 07 - General Lobbying Rules for NonProfit Orgs 08 14 08.pdf
  • 08 - Commenting_on_candidates_and_campaigns_SCOTUS _1_.pdf
  • 09 - Hosting_Candidate_Debates.pdf
  • 10 - Worry_Free_Lobbying_paywall.pdf
  • 11 - RPS 2019 Advocacy Toolkit.pdf
  • 12 - Advocates for ERA ratification make pus...sion _ General-assembly [...].pdf
  • 13 - 2019 VSDVAA advocacy-training-catalog.pdf
  • 14 - VSDVAA Policy Plan.pdf
  • 15 - TCI Advocacy Stategy Framework Presentation - Robins Foundation 1-[...].pdf
  • 16 - Yes_ You Can_and Should_ Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency _[...].pdf
  • 17 - Legislators-Advocacy-Guide.pdf
  • 18 - Boards-Role-in-Advocacy-15.pdf
  • 19 - Stand for your Mission Discussion-Guide.pdf
  • Why Board Advocacy Matters
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