Board Chairs Excellence Series (CB-20A4)

March 5, March 19 and April 2, 8:30am-10am

In this exciting and highly practical three-part series, longtime Community Foundation instructor Sue Kindred will bring nonprofit board leaders up to speed on best practices in three areas: The Chair’s Responsibilities to the Board (Session One); The Chair’s Relationship with External Audiences (Session Two); and The Chair’s Relationship with Senior Leadership (Session Three). Sue will help participants deepen their mastery of effective board leadership through these objectives.

Workshop 1: The Chair’s Responsibilities to the Board:
• Train their boards to the roles and responsibilities of individual directors as well as the responsibilities of the board as a whole;
• Define critical policy documents and legal frameworks necessary to support the organization;
• Understand what makes a board member feel engaged and successful, as well as what makes them feel bored and useless;
• Mindfully recruit and engage new directors to build a strong and effective board culture;
• Create innovative ways to set ground rules and guiding principles for effective meetings;
• Identify ways to develop a deep understanding of each director’s connections with the organization’s mission and nurture ways to utilize their strengths and skills;
• Create strategies to lead through ambiguity and change; and
• Encourage everyone to look for creative or unusual solutions; and to create a safe space for sharing.

Workshop 2: The Chair’s Relationship with External Audiences
• Define and embrace their role as an organizational ambassador;
• Identify appropriate external stakeholders and develop outreach strategies;
• Encourage and model strong external relationship “how-to’s” for board members;
• Understand ways to improve and strengthen existing relationships;
• Develop innovative ways to steward and champion external stakeholder’s relationship with the organization to ensure that their unique philanthropic needs are being met; and
• Learn how to tell an effective story as well as how to tell the right story at the right time.

Workshop 3: The Chair’s Relationship with Senior Leadership
• Deepen their relationship with senior staff leadership;
• Better understand the day-to-day tasks that take up senior leadership’s time and what keeps them up at night;
• Better understand the role the board must play in providing support, appropriate feedback and encouragement to the Executive Director/CEO;
• Understand what constitutes an appropriate job description for the Executive Director/CEO;
• Evaluate the performance of the senior organization leader; and
• Evaluate or understand the necessity of developing a senior leadership succession plan.

*Please note this is a 3-part series.

Course Code: CB-20A4

Capacity: 30 Date: 03/05/2020 Location: Community Foundation, 3409 Moore Street,... Instructor: Sue Kindred


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