Ethical Thinking and Decision Making for Nonprofit Executives and Board Members Series (CB-19B6)

Executive Leaders


May 7, May 14 & May 21, 8:30am-11:30am

*Please Note: This is a 3-Part learning series.

Are you looking for a more meaningful way to understand ethical issues?
Would an ethical decision-making process help you navigate tough leadership decisions?
Do you want to learn how to “see” the nuances of ethical issues through 7 Different Lenses?

Increasing complexity is driving the need for better leadership thinking. It’s not just knowledge we need - it’s also insight, putting things into perspective in a meaningful way. Since today’s issues are complex, we will need a way of thinking about them that helps us see the richness of the full picture including our impact on multiple constituents. In this interactive series, Leading in Context CEO Linda Fisher Thornton will share the 7 Lenses Model of Ethical Leadership introduced in her book 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership.
Linda has been in the leadership development field for over 25 years and is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Ethics and Leadership for the University of Richmond SPCS. Her book, 7 Lenses, is required reading at prominent universities. She will share insights and tools that raise your ethical thinking and decision making to a much higher level.
Learning Goals:
• Learn the Characteristics of High-Level Ethical Thinking
• “See” Ethics Clearly Through 7 Dimensions of Responsibility
• Practice Using the 7 Lenses Framework to Think Through Ethical Situations
• Create an Action Plan To Apply What You’ve Learned

Discussion Topics Include:
• Complexity, The Flawed Human Brain and Increasing Ethical Expectations
• Characteristics of Ethical Thinking and Decision-Making
• Understanding Ethics in Multiple Dimensions Guides us to Better Choices
• The 7 Lenses of Ethical Responsibility
• Seeing Through All 7 Lenses - Application and Practice in Small Groups
• Ethical Thinking and Human Development
• Creating an Action Plan To Apply What You’ve Learned

Each participant will receive a workbook that includes the 7 lenses Framework and Action Plan and copies of the PowerPoint slides.

Capacity: 30 Date: 05/07/2019 Location: Community Foundation, 3409 West Moore St... Instructor: Linda Fisher Thornton


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